[MUSIC] Erykah Badu “Phone Down” Gives Us A Taste Of MIXTAPE “But You Caint Use My Phone” LISTEN:


Come on Erykah give us that ill deal…

Erykah Badu “leaks hehe” her latest record “Phone Down”. It’s ill, the definition of smooth, low key, vibe music giving us a “Tyrone” vibe.

“…I can make ya put ya phone down, you aint gone text no mo when you with me….every time you get a message act like ya don’t see it…make ya not wanna check that again…I can make ya put ya phone down….at the crib guarantee you wouldn’t miss it…I can make ya put ya phone down prolly wouldn’t even know how to unlock it….I can make you put ya phone down…”

She say’s “This One’s For Aubrey…” which could be mistaken as Drake. I certainly did, but maybe it’s Aubrey Davis the writer and creator of this record….Who Knows Just LISTEN:


BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE Mixtape Drops Thanksgiving Weekend

She ill…

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