[NEWS] Today Marks The 27th Annual #WorldAIDSDay | Find Out Ways To Support & Continue Support HERE:


Find Out Ways You Can Support & Continue Your Support

World Aids Day started in 1988. It’s the worlds first Global Health Day. It’s a memorial day, and a day of Global Awareness to support the ones who’ve died from this disease, and to support the ones living with it.

There are over 30 million human bodies living with this infection. Since the 80s so many advancements have been made. The virus can now be managed within the carrier through medication, prevention methods outside of just condoms have been implemented, laws have been created for women and men living with the disease, the world has come a long way, and can continue to move forward and evolve with your help!

Today and days after today is the day to wear your ribbons, re-post articles like this, and many others showing your support, visiting your local clinics and getting tested, maybe with a friend, maybe alone, whatever works for you, take advantage of the medical advancements scientist have created to defeat this virus. You can even DONATE to further help people living with the virus today!

To physically get involved you can visit EVENTS to locate what’s going on in your community!

Do What You Can, With What You Have…Knowledge Is Power…


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