[TRAILER] HBO’s New Special On HIV/AIDS VICE: Countdown To Zero Airs Dec. 1st A Must See WATCH:


HBO to releases special report teaming up with VICE….

In recent news Charlie Sheen announced he is HIV positive. The huge announcement did an amazing thing. It made people talk about HIV and Aids. Continuing on in this conversation, I thought it was important to note, many have been keeping the fight alive with HIV & Aids and Charlie’s announcement isn’t the only thing that’s important, just because its receiving top news. VICE, a print magazine dedicated to enlightening folk about whats really goings on, is teaming up with HBO for a ground breaking documentary special…

“…we have one patient now that had a late stage infection…that is NOW CURED…”

Special Report: Countdown To Zero features interviews “from President George W. Bush and Bono, the lead singer of U2 and co-founder of (RED) and ONE, to the clinicians and patients who are battling HIV and AIDS every day, VICE interviews the world’s leading HIV/AIDS activists. Smith sits down with President Bush at the Bush Institute on SMU’s campus in Dallas to discuss the success of the United States-led PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) initiative, perhaps the greatest legacy of his presidency, and Alvi travels to Rwanda with Bono to see PEPFAR in action.”

Watch Trailer:

Worth watching…

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  1. According to the AT&T U-verse guide this episode of VICE is only showing on HBO Spanish speaking channels. WTF? Is it some sort of partial media blackout or suppression?

  2. It’s not true. I have no idea who’s reporting this, but you will be able to see it on HBO in English.

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