[MUSIC] The Top 20 Greatest Albums Of 2015 Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, & Dangelo Top 3 See Who Else:


TheBLACKMedia’s Greatest Albums Of 2015

The list created is from the expertise of college educated singer-songwriter and producer Tahir Register. He holds a BA in Contemporary Arts, plays several instruments, and has a Classical, R&B, Hiphop, & Soul background in music. Each choice was picked based on reach, lyrical content, production, sound quality, musicality, track to track flow, amount of like-able-records, uniqueness, and overall appeal. Every album released in 2015 was not reviewed, just those of interest to Tahir Register, TheBLACKMedia’s readers and popularity. Disagree? Let us know in the Comments.


Jill Scott just gets it! She knows what music is, and what it’s suppose to do. It’s suppose to make your senses sore, its suppose to shock your nerves and make you feel something. “Woman” is a masterpiece, every single song, perfection. If you want to scream, shout, rock out, slow dance, feel sexy, fall in love, cry, think, smile and smirk with revenge, anything you want, it’s here.


Jazmine Sullivan had a great come back! After not feeling worthy, an abusive relationship that depleted her self-esteem, Jazmine returned with “Reality Show” soul music and powerful vocals that made you question if you had what it takes! Ha! Aside from the fact that every song on this album could be on the charts if she released them as singles, this album reaches young – old – and younger with the topics of each record. Everyone can listen to this record and if you haven’t, you must!


D’Angelo had the come back of a life time! Number one album on iTunes in hours within his release, and international visibility people are still talking about “Black Messiah”! Remaining D’Angelo he gave us soul, rock, jazz, band, sexy grooves, and a reason to create original music, your own sound, something that’s missing in 2015. The fact that you know a D’angleo record when you hear it, is why he is one of the greats a must listen album.


Tamar Braxton knows what R&B music is, period! People say modern day R&B music is dead and I say where?! This record is a traditional sounding R&B album, with classic appeal. Even though Tamar felt fans didn’t like it and it wasn’t well received, this album is more than great, it’s amazing! The fact that you can hear and feel Tamars personality through “Calling All Lovers” makes it hers. Even with risky records like “Calling All Lovers” reggie-take, it’s still worthy.


India.Arie has a magic that is undeniable. And yes, this is a Christmas Album in the top 5. Why? Listen to it and deny it!! I dare you! She redefines what traditional christmas music sounds like. This is the new wave of what Christmas is, and feels like. “Christmas With Friends”, including her original record with Tori Kelly will be what everyone who listens to it, plays during the holidays, I bet you. Don’t believe me? Play it, it’s powerful, magical, a little sexy, loving, and soul filled.


Tyrese did his thing with this album! “Black Rose” is what male R&B music is missing. Seems like women; Beyonce, Jill Scott, Jazmine, Brandy, have R&B locked down for the women, but when it comes to the men, R&B has become “hiphop/rap-ish” R&B. That’s cool, but when you can go number one, produce hits, and sing yo butt off it deserves recognition. This album makes you feel. ..it makes you feel!


Kendrick Lamar is the new hiphop! He can get gully, ratchet, and conscience and that’s what I love about him. He aint all one thing. He is everything, many things, and when “i” came out and everyone was blasting me for liking the record, he showed up and achieved over 11 grammy nominations and now everyone is excited for him. Not only can this man spit bars, he can lead young boys to the right direction but not feeding them propaganda. This album is…“To Pimp A Butterfly” perfect title.


Janet Jackson is my favorite artist of all time, well 2nd to Michael of course, so respect my placement because I stan for her, but she’s respectfully number 8 and not number 1. It’s not because I thought my core readers would think I was giving her favors, but because she came hard with original Janet Jackson style music. “Unbreakable” is Janet’s unique pop feel which appealed to many and her epic features with J. Cole and Missy Elliott made for a huge shock factor. It’s simply what you’d expect from Janet Jackson, if you’re ready to dance and feel uplifted. ..listen to it!


Erykah Badu is the illest chick alive. She is the definition of Dope. Only Erykah Badu could put together a body of work with humor, comedy, bars, vibe trap music, soul and R&B! This mixtape is a damn album I dont care what she says! Ha! “But You Caint Use My Phone” is how you come back from a long break, it’s simple, but important! And “Hello” with ex Andre 3000 . ..greatest hip-hop and R&B song of 2015 hands down…disagree? Listen to it and debate me!!! I dare ya!


Dr. Dre is rap! Period! This soundtrack compilation album is the template for what rap and hiphop should feel like! Period! This is a true collaboration, every song on “Compton” could be on each individuals personal album and that makes for a great compilation. It’s inspiring and gives you that 80s-90s feel, it makes being “Cool” cool again!


Azealia Banks is perfect for the game. Even though her album was released late winter of 2014, I count it as a 2015 album because it was played by millions all year. It is a work of art. Very eclectic and surprising, similar to her personality, “Broke With Expensive Taste” is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Literally! She merges hiphop, rap, house, and EDM so well it’s like a personal blend of the Coco Goddess rap coffee! Ha! It doesn’t disappoint!


Drake, yes, Drake! Put the “Oh Its Drake of course” aside and enjoy this album. It’s solid music, songs that span life, ratchet, story telling, all that! It is what you’d expect from a great rap album. Not to mention the amazing title “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late”! Ha! Genius! It pulls you in, and the songs keep you. ..how many can do that on a full album?


Nicki Minaj’s “The Pink Print” is exactly what the title suggest, a template for what a rap album in 2015 and the years to come, will follow, especially if you’re a female. The album is undeniable, even thought it was released late 2014, while every song may not be that hiphop, hood, trap-ish we love from Nicki, it gives everyone something to get into. Her teen fans, young adult fans and adult fans will like something off of this album, it is, a blue print of what’s to come from women in rap.


Dawn Richard is that rare artist that comes along and maintains! Unique beyond belief bordering on R&B and techno “Black Heart” is a audio painting! Dawn gave us mainstream feel, indie feel, and more, and she is INDEPENDENT no label, no huge team, just a movement and a dream, she is an inspiration and her music is great! You will have a favorite that changes the way you hear, that I promise.


Ciara is consistent! Say what you want about the kid, but she is in a lane of her own. “Jackie” gave me the feeling of “Evolution” another step in Ciara’s life that showed the world, her strength. In recent news “I Bet” goes Platinum, which goes to show you, Ciara is still just beginning. If you’re ready to dance, smile, and move this album is for you!


Tori Kelly is the new voice of the young. Interestingly enough, I was never a fan of hers. I got into her music because my brother kept playing her records, and after asking “who’s this, what’s that, this is good” I decided to give it a serious listen. Big Mistake! Why? Because now I cannot stop playing “Unbreakable Smile”! Tori Kelly has an amazing vocal instrument and she is not shy using it! This album is a Pop & B mesh and it’s perfect for the inspirational rebel, I enjoy it!


Tamia is so grown! Grown folk music with a youthful feel, “Love Life” is something you can play top to bottom and not even notice! This record is smooth, it’s sexy, it’s sensual, it’s revealing, it’s fresh! A breathe of fresh air from the R&B vet. It’s not a stray away from what we know and love from her, but it’s not dated either it’s a perfect blend.


Jamie Foxx is a story teller. “Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses” is a very nice R&B hop album that speaks to the young adults of the world. It’s grown enough to appeal to the mature crowd, but hip enough to be at the club and folk not get mad. It’s a nice blend of mature music and fun music. An enjoyable album.


Babyface is King! Everything you love about babyface but in 2015! He knows how to put sounds and lyrics together it’s almost like one couldn’t exist without the other. This is traditional Babyface with a higher quality of audio. “Return of The Tender Lover” is grown folk music unapologetically and, it should be!


August Alsina holds the title as the voice of the young men. It’s clear he is on a mission with this record to show young men, and women, but men the truth. “This Thing Called Life” is a Trap n B appeal that tells stories of what life is like for a young man in urban areas. Its music that’ll make you think, music that’ll make you feel, and music that can hopefully heal whatever those young kats go through.

What Are Your Top 20? Do You Agree? Disagree? Let Me Know. ..


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