K Michelle First BLACK Artist With Jack Daniels Endorsement A Tear-filled Interview Of Passion WATCH:


Making History, And Breaking Barriers.

K Michelle, scores an endorsement deal with Jack Daniels, the first person, and Black person to ever have one. Known as the “take no mess” reality star from Love and Hiphop, K Michelle often got a bad rep. A lot of what fans and people know about K Michelle is what was seen on the show, but what they don’t know, or choose to ignore is that K. Michelle was great even before Love and Hiphop.

The reason K Michelle was put on love and hiphop was because she already had music out, and was an already signed artist, a protégé of R Kelly, and a powerhouse singer, songwriter and pianist. So it comes to no surprise that after the world met her, after she calmed down, matured, and went through life as many of us do, she became what we see today. A fighter, a business woman, on her second album, one of the top R&B artist in the country, and a mother who’s son looks up to her. What more could you ask for?

A New K Michelle

Seems like some folks just can’t get passed what they saw on the reality show, which is fine, but you must give props when props are due. K Michelle is the first Afrikan American artist and person to have an endorsement deal with the liquor company Jack Daniels!! The only other endorsements have been Frank Sinatra, and The Dave Matthews Band. To go further, she is the only person in the history of Jack Daniels to have her own Jack Daniels drink with a 15% keep of every bottle sold! Jack Daniels is the top selling whiskey in the world, not just the US, but the world! How can you not appreciate this Queen?

K Michelle Interviews With Sway About Jack Daniels

In the interview her conversation about BLUE EYED SOUL artist, which was a term coined back in the 60s to market white artist who performed “B.L.A.C.K” music, K Michelle teared up. A Fan of the radio show called in after listening to K’s record they’d just finished playing and sonically appeared white. He gave kind words and said what many white folks will never say; “your music should be played no matter what race you are its not fair…”. The latter sparked K to tears and from then on the conversation that must be had about race in music and race in general commenced and there was nothing I disagreed with

Many blog sites, news sites, and online trolls will bash, dismiss, and create lies about K Michelle and any artist, but TheBLACKMedia is dedicated to making sure there is balance online. K Michelle has great music, does great things vocally, gives back to her community by helping to pay folks bills, has a record label with Atlantic, opening a restaurant in ATL and so much more.

There’s a lot you can say about the kid but the kid is special! Even before she announced her record label deal, I often told myself while no one was around that I’d love to work with K. Michelle. I see the nurturing side of K, the side that’s a lion and will protect you and that’s what I need, it’s what anyone ever needs. K Michelle is the next greatest thing to happen to this industry…Disagree? Leave a comment below #SOULdiers let’s chat it up!

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  1. As far as King K Michelle goes, she is a force to be reckoned with as she is gaining momentum forward. Business woman exstrodenair, trailblazing for woman of all races and economical backgrounds, and a well rounded musician with 3 #1 albums on the billboard charts!! Think what you will of her competitors bad opinions of her work and dislikes for her personal progressions. Some people are just distractions- talk a lot of smack about her because she woops all those @sses.

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