Beyonce’s Protégés “Chloe & Halle” Celebrate Chloe’s Birthday With A Heartfelt Message


It’s Halle’s Birthday!

Beyonce’s proteges whom she recently signed to Parkwood Entertainment “Chloe And Halle” celebrate Chloe’s birthday! Today the actress/singer-songwriter celebrates her 18th birthday. Chloe’s younger sister and group member, Halle, took to social media to write this heartfelt message along with the above picture stating;

“Happy 18th birthday to my beautiful angel sister !!! I love you so much. thank you for always being such a light, and such an amazing role model. you inspire me and so many others everyday..I’m so happy God blessed me with someone like you..18 ?!?!?!AHHHHH !!!!”

For those of you as confused as I was, Chloe Bailey is the one pictured above, Halle (pronounced like Halle (Berry)) Bailey is two years younger born March 27th year 2000, the one pictured below.

Halle Bailey theblackmedia

The two look so much alike sometimes it’s difficult to know which is which, who is older, who’s Chloe and who’s Halle. Hopefully that helps. Either way, the awesome duo girl group “Chloe And Halle” are here to stay! After an amazing performance on the BET Awards, the girls have made their mark. Happy birthday Chloe Bailey, welcome to young-adult hood Queen!

#SOULdiers, comment below helping me wish Chloe and Happy Birthday!

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