Chloe x Halle Signed To Beyonce’s New Label Released Their First Single Video “Drop”

Chloe x Halle

Superstars In The Making

Chloe x Halle Bailey are Beyonce’s latest project. Signed to her new label with Parkwood Entertainment and they are on the path to superstardom. You may remember Chloe x Halle as children acting in films such as; “Last Holiday”, “Meet The Browns”, and “Let It Shine”, now-a-days the two stunning Queens are musicians who proudly represent what it means to be artist! The duo were seen in Beyonce’s latest movie “Lemonade”, but before that the two became viral sensations after covering various Beyonce records on Youtube reaching over 11 million views in just one video. Beyonce got wind of this, and not before long, the sisters, Chloe 17 and Halle 16, were signed.


Watch Chloe x Halle Perform Drop Live On Youtube. They were even featured on The BET Awards 2016 doing a killer rocked out performance of their latest single;

Chloe x Halle Debut Single DROP:

Their first single “Drop’ is a weird, trip-vibe, fantasy sound with that Atlanta bass and sensual groove that you feel in your gut. It’s an unstoppable record that makes you want to move. It’s a catchy record with a surprising rap line that truly adds spark to the entire Chloe x Halle idea. It’s amazing;

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11 comments Add yours
  1. A very soulful sound that made me actually stop and listen. Extremely moving. Thanks

  2. I thought it was a pretty nice nice song. They weren’t doing to much. They were dancing appropriate for their age. The song actually had a meaning to it. ?

  3. I agree! it was perfect for their teen—age not to mention it was a dope song you can still play at the club!

  4. Awesome sound,Haley and Chole. I actually met you two at Sinfo Nia during their summer camp. You two were awesome then. CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments.

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