Why Steve Harvey Should Donate $1 Million To Flint For “Brown Water” Joke

Steve Harvey

It’s Not Ok Steve.

Steve Harvey, during his radio show, said some awful things about a man from Flint, Michigan. Flint, as you know, has been dealing with a water crisis for over two years and are currently dealing with it. Steve Harvey, after a simple back and forth with the caller over a sports conversation, completely disrespected the caller and the city of Flint.

The water crisis, which is said to’ve killed, injured, and mentally effected thousands of people of colour in Flint is still an issue. Considering Steve’s “joke” was evil’ly targeted towards the caller in a deep tone that truly hits your spirit, it makes TheBLACKMedia feel like 1 million dollars to the Flint Water Crisis could start to heal those hurt by his words. (below is an image, one of many of people effected by Flint’s water crisis and Steve’s words).

Steve Harvey FLINT “Joke” & More:

It’s not enough that Steve made that horrible joke, but what’s worse is that after his co-host tried to stop him, he continued to make jokes about it. Steve said to the caller in a very pompous, arrogant tone that came straight from the gut of evil, after everything was said and done;

“aye aye aye aye, one more thing dawg, enjoy you a nice brown glass of water…”

Moments later Steve mentioned again “silver water” after his co-host tried to move off of the issue. Steve did not have to say what he said, he wasn’t being attacked in anyway, the conversation was over, and Steve still insisted on making fun of this man in particular, but the city of Flint as a whole. This is why 1 million dollars should be given to Flint in his name from his bank account. Even though he should, being a millionaire, already be interested in giving to crisis like this, now is a good time considering.

What Steve did was horrible and he should absolutely be reprimanded for his words. That donation could truly help thousands of people. Even the mayor of Flint released a letter in disgust about what Steve said;

Steve Harvey On The AIR: 1:00

Again At: 0:40

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