Over A Year Later Flint Michigan STILL HAS POISONOUS WATER See How You Can Help & What’s Being Done

The Water Is Still Poisoned

Flint Michigan’s residents are still suffering from poisoned water with extremely high doses of lead contamination. Over a year later Flint is still under crisis and still unable to use the water supplied in their homes. Flint still has to use bottled water, gallons, and external sources to bathe, brush their teeth, cook, and clean with. This devastation happened after a group of white officials decided to “cut cost” by switching Flint’s water supply from Detroit’s water system to Flint’s River. Over a year later, blood levels are still growing, people are still being effected by the poisonous water showing up on their skin and worst.


Effects Of Lead Poison;

  • Behavior and learning Issues
  • Hearing Issues
  • Anemia
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Failure
  • Reproductive Issues (Women and Men)
  • Rare Cases Seizures, Coma’s and Death

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver September 28th 2016;

“Residents of Flint still can’t turn on their faucets and drink the water straight from the tap…..This is a problemtalks11_image-png that must be fixed. The citizens of Flint deserve new lead-free pipes, and funding from our federal government would help us provide essential infrastructure needs and other resources.”



The media has stopped talking about Flint on major news sources keeping us busy with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but Flint is still suffering. Sharing this article will help keep the efforts alive and possibly save lives. There are detrimental effects on lead poisoning and you can help by sharing, donating, or talking about it in your community.

SAD FACTS: DUE TO THE CRISIS: 10 deaths, 27k Cases of Lead Poisoning, 87 Legionnaires Disease & Counting

Recently Flint was awarded 170 million dollars to help fix the water crisis in Flint. It appears not everyone was as ready to help this cause, which in its self is the problem. However, after the voting the city of Flint will use the money to fix the damages. I have no idea why it took over a year for the government to give this money to Flint, or why switching the water system back to Detroit’s system was something that wasn’t done, either way, hopefully now the Flint residents can stop suffering. Here’s what the streets had to say;



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