Over 6 Million Viewers Watched Raven’s Home Premiere Episode A Disney Hit

Raven's Home

Raven Symone returned to Disney with a huge debut with her new show Raven’s Home a spin off to the hit show “That’s So Raven”. Now an adult, Raven’s Home follows Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels with their children, after divorce, living together trying to get through life.

It’s a hilarious children’s comedy, but even though the latter is true, tis not stopping millennials from watching. Many born the year 1990 and up eventually grew up watching “That’s So Raven”, so when the spin off was announced, we, yes, me included, couldn’t wait!

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As a 27 year old, I feel no shame in happily, and excitedly watching “Raven’s Home” with a snack. Over 3 million viewers watch the premier episode on the Disney Channel. After the debut episode July 21st 2017, Disney uploaded the first episode to Youtube, and another 3 million watched! How amazing is that?!

Raven Symone has power, people love seeing her on TV, and this premier proved just that. Episode two premiered the following week and millions more watched, let’s just say, “Raven’s Home” is a hit, and is not going anywhere any time soon.

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