Rapper Common Surprises New York Students With $10,000 In Donations

Rapper Common surprises New York students with a $10,000 donation to help teachers get the supplies they need. The Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem had no idea Common, AdoptAClassroom.org, and Burlington would be dropping this huge check off, but they were happy they did!

Often in entertainment stories like these seldom receive mainstream exposure, but its worthy of it. When hip hop stars, rap legends, and academy award winners help give back, it’s something to aspire to. Common, although known for giving back, did something extraordinary for those students, he showed them Black representation.

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“I always felt like one of my biggest duties and purposes is to hit the youth with something that’s inspiring, hit young people with something that can motivate them to be in their greatness…” – Common.

The students were inspired, some even said the Legendary Rapper gave them the push they needed to succeed. It’s small steps in someone’s life like these that can truly guide their journey to magnificent places. Thanks to the Academy award winning musician for stepping up, we could learn a thing or two from this.

By the way, you don’t have to be rich to make a difference. You too can help further a childs education visit ADOPT A CLASSROOM 1 dollar makes a difference!

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