Michelle Williams ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ Single Review

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about this new Michelle Williams record. I grew up not being able to afford CD’s on my own, having to wait for Christmas or my birthday to receive them as gifts, so, naturally as I grew, buying CD’s was not something I was used to doing.

Even though the latter is true, there are a few artist that I worked, and saved up for so that I can afford their CD, a poster of them, and maybe even a DVD, and Michelle Williams is one of those people. There are only a few people I stan for, and she is one of them. Her fearless appearance, her stylish fashion choices, her chosen voice, and her masterful artistry sets her apart from many in the industry. She came in as an underdog and over a decade later she is still doing it big!  I am happy to say, this new single is a certified HIT!

“can you spare some change, that’s what I heard him say, at the light, so I go through my ashtray, my good deed today changed my life, i thought I knew it all, I went to write him off…”

Sometimes Gospel music and Message music makes people turn a deaf ear, but Michelle Williams, and her team, have found a way to bypass that ignorance with this record. It is not traditional Gospel music, which works in her favor.

The R&B feel of the song is what makes you want to listen. The sampling of Lenny Williams ‘Cause I Love You’ makes for a good reference point in time where music was simple and magical. This song reaches so many women and men especially in the Brown community. The older generation will listen because they’ve heard this melody before and the message of walking like Jesus is something many of them live by and was raised on, but the new generation will listen because this melody is not something they can ignore. The bass guitar and the clacks of the drum sticks mixed with the masterful drum crescendo and the constant build up going into the chorus makes it very difficult to turn it down, or turn it off.

“…I had the perfect day thats what she says to me all the time, she’s so beautiful, nothing’s ever wrong in her life….IF WE HAD YOUR EYES”

Michelle Williams certainly took it to another level vocally on this record. The powerful chorus “IF WE HAD YOUR EYES” is strong and it makes you want to shout along with her and give thanks to God! Her vocal clarity in this song is unlike I’ve heard before, her riffing is not over done, and it’s not purposeless. The message at the end when she speaks makes you connect with who she is and what she is going through, or have gone through, but just enough so that the listener can place themselves in the moment and apply it to their lives.

We here at The B.L.A.C.K Media have no idea what Michelle Williams is planning on doing in the future, whether it be another album with Destinys Child or a solo effort in Gospel, but we will be watching and waiting…

For more from Michelle Williams Check her out : www.IAmMichelle.com 

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Michelle Williams 'If We Had Your Eyes' Single Review
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Michelle Williams 'If We Had Your Eyes' Single Review
Michelle Williams certainly took it to another level vocally on this record. The powerful chorus "IF WE HAD YOUR EYES" is strong...
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