Jade Novah ‘Show Out’ Single Review And Video


Jade Novah

Jade Novah is stepping out from her viral song covers and she is finally imprinting the world with her original music showing out all over the net! Jade is best known for her viral video/song cover with over 10million views, Rhianna’s ‘Diamonds’.

After her fans, the Novahcanes get wind of her new video and song ‘SHOW OUT’ I’m sure they will prefer and crave more original music from Queen Novahcane herself. Jade and her partner of two years, music producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Devin Johnson, may have a hit on their hands.

“Sometimes the people need some motivation, they’re looking at you so give em inspiration, the music is waiting to be moved by you, so no hesitation hit them with the boom…”

The song opens up with an iconic sound. It speeds up the pulse and gets the heart racing anticipating what’s next. The opening is sure to stand out from many songs on the radio so that whenever you hear it, you know JADE IS COMING!

The circus theme of the song is very family friendly but added with the bass and the snare it makes for a nice dance song rather then something you’d hear at a three year old’s party. This is for everyone! Get on the dance floor and let the song take you over! Evoke the inner diva/divo in you and SHOW OUT!

Devin Johnson is an amazing producer one day I hope to work with him, this track is impressively amazing.

“Put on a show oooh ohh ohh show out! show em something that they’ll never forget, get em girl gon’ break a leg…”

It’s always good to hear a song and know from the first ten seconds that this song will forever be embedded in your spirit. This song has SPUNK!

This song offers opportunity to cut a rug and take turns showing out! When the song takes a turn it invites all listeners to prepare for whats coming next, I’m sure the dance divas and
dons in the world will hear this song and say FINALLY SOMETHING WE CAN REALLY WORK!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the main attraction, ladies and gentlemen get ready for the time of your life by now all of you should be on your feet crowd participation is strongly advised…”

Of course we must mention the vocal mastery that Jade Novah exhibits on this record. Her vocal control and virtuosity on this record is not over bearing, it’s just enough to show her skills off, enough to show out! Her belting and phrasing is perfect for a record like this and compared with the amazing visuals this record is simply UGHMAZING!


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