Toni Braxton And BabyFace Release Music Video For ‘Hurt You’ It’s #Ughmazing

Toni Braxton And BabyFace team up again with ‘Hurt You’! BabyFace is known for working with Braxton early on in her career and writing some of her most notable songs to date, like, ‘Breathe Again’ and ‘Another Sad Love Song’.

Now the duo embark on a musical journey together, taking their fans and many new fans to where R&B music first started…in truth.The song is about a couple who went too far off in their relationship by cheating and now realizing their mistakes, apologizing, and wanting and needing to be together again.

It’s about time the video matched what the song is about, great concept, the breaking down of the split wall is symbolic and beautifully shot, the glamor shots of both singers are ughmazing, it makes you feel the song even more! This is a hit!

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