Rest With Jesus Amiri Baraka Your Efforts For The Afrikan Race will Live On Forever You’ve Inspired Me

Rest With Jesus Amiri Baraka Your Efforts For The Afrikan Race will Live On Forever You've Inspired Me

In lieu of true focus and brainstorming, rebranding and taking a month off social media, not because of lack of self control, but because of growth. I awake to news that made my heart sink. Amiri Baraka has passed, Rest In Peace just doesn’t do it for me. The many times i’ve met this man, performed in-front of him and his family, and the deep connection he plays in the reason I started to write and perform poetry Rest in peace just doesn’t seem like enough…When i was a freshmen in high school Amiri Baraka was my shadow mentor, Halim Suliman, his brother, his friend, HIS TWIN lolll pulled me aside and said, you remind me of him, so here take this research Amiri and perform this piece. The piece was ‘Why Is We Americans’ by Amiri Baraka in which Suliman let us know; Ya’ll call him by his real name Amiri (pronounced Amidi) Baraka. That poem electrified me! It lifted me, it changed my way of thinking, and writing, and even though at that young age it was very difficult to understand and perform, I worked hard at it, and when I met Amiri Baraka for the first time, Halim Suliman told him about the poem I was performing, and the conversation we had will always remain in my spirit, so, Rest With Jesus Amiri Baraka for the work you’ve done for the Afrikan American RACE will live on forever, you’ve done enough, thank you so much! God Bless! From this day on I declare Jan 9th AMD (Amiri Baraka Day – a day of truth, poetry, and freedom) LoVe -T <3

Why Is We Americans?

No how we find
our selfs
over here
in Dis

tragic history

But can slavery
the evil ghost-them self
taked us tooked us
crooked us,, higgers all the way back
was black
now they white

was this is was
why is we is
do we do say
all kinds…Hey! Eye! I!

Does them we is
them what aint not
we was
to them
is us older where the
gone was dead    ok
was dead

Why is we

Say, Hey, Willie
Mays, Say Hey, Say what
But, you got to
tell me

You got to
tell me
tell me

Why is we
Wherever we is
is the same black
belt, aint never been
Free, since we was

Where who

Why it

We want?

Why we

You sir
why we


is you is


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