Do ‘Hood Sites’ Normalize Black Stereotypes? An In Depth Conversation

marc lamont hill Black Stereotypes
HuffPostLIVE Marc Lamont Hill sparks a much needed conversation about ‘Hood Sites’ and black stereotypes with various speakers two of which are Amanda Seales, and Jerseys own Dr. Brittany Cooper.

Hopefully you’ve watched the video in its entirety and did not cut if off due to the lack of intelligence spewed from certain mouths. Far be it from me to put another Brown Individual down, but something must be said for not saying something. No?

The question posed today is; Do ‘Hood Sites’ normalize black stereotypes? The simple answer… YES!

Of course it does! Afrikan people are not the only viewers. When thinking on a larger scale of things, other races who may not understand the culture of urban areas, which in many is eat or be eaten may look at these examples of ‘fight videos’ as something that is normal. Not to an area, the urban area, but to Brown women and men across the board!

People often do NOT distinguish the two and lump us into a one for all category that is completely false! I believe that’s the definition of stereotypes.

Yes truth can be found in the videos posted as it pertains to the urban community and many Brown people who live there, but what happens is a generalization that the curators and owners of sites like World Star Hip Hop need to take responsibility for.

If we know it happens, why further more project it to society?

Reporting the news is one thing, but providing a platform which indirectly let’s people know where to go to post said videos of fights, killings etc. unfortunately perpetuates malapropos reasoning!

I am too involved…let me cool down, but if you cannot grasp this concept, talk to Jesus!

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