Spike Lee SPEAKS THE TRUTH About Gentrification “Let Me Just Kill You Right Now…” @SpikeLee LISTEN TO MORE HERE:

Spike Lee, a strong New Yorker and defender of all things Brooklyn speaks the truth about the terrible woes gentrification can bring to a community.

When the speaker asked Spike about the “other side” of gentrification in comparison to “the bad” that Spike Lee believes it to be he had the audience laughing when he said;

“iight let me let me let me let me let me jus na let me just kill you right now…”

“…the good of gentrification? I don’t believe that”

Obviously he did not actually mean kill as in erase off the face of the Earth, but slang meaning to SHUT YOU DOWN, END YOUR CONVERSATION, BE GONE WITH THE BULL!@#$%.

It was most fun listening to him rant and rave the truth not allowing the speaker to have a turn to speak

“whao whao whao whao whao whao LET ME KILL YOU SOME MORE …”

Hear his truth below:

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Did you know ? In 2012 Feb 26th a young Afrikan boy was shot and killed for wearing a hoodie by a white man who was found not guilty?

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