Legend In The Making Miche Braden Goes Viral On Youtube With Over 1Million Views @scottbradlee @msmichediva WATCH:

7504032918_491586c708_hThe Detroit Michigan native whose resume includes; MOVIN’ OUT (Broadway), Ma Raineys Black Bottom, and Law and Order SVU as Nurse Tolentino, has now gone viral singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in only the way she could, jazzing it up, and powerhousing the joint as Bessie Smith! Scott Bradlee, the pianist/MD takes modern day songs and covers them with a twist and thus far, has a gem on his hands.

Check out what he had to say;

“Get our 17 song album on iTunes: http://msclvr.co/QUW0rF
Our friend Miche Braden returned to help us show what Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” would have sounded like if New Orleans blues legend Bessie Smith had recorded it back in the ’20s. That note at 3:58 was so powerful that the room literally shook…”

Check it out!

She also takes One Directions song “Story Of My Life” and … well you just gotta hear it!

Did you know ? February is the shortest month of all?

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