FIRST LOOK: ANNIE! Stars Jamie Foxx (“Daddy” Warbucks) and Quvenzhané As Annie

Here’s the first look at the remake to the American classic “Annie” starring Oscar award winning Jamie Foxx , and the youngest person in the world to have an Oscar nomination Quvenzhané Wallis. Jamie Foxx will play the role of Daddy Warbucks, the billionaire, seemingly heartless, self absorbed Major candidate. Quvenzhané Wallis will star as the love-able, hard knock life, sweet outspoken Annie! And together with a modern day twist the two will make history as the first Afrikan American actors to play the typically white American characters on film!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this!! The music is great in the trailer, the acting will be amazing, the story line is great, my only concern is, Miss Hannigan’s character seems more satire then realistic and mean. In the original film Miss Hannigan was funny yes, but not because she had funny slapstick-esk moments, but because she was so ridiculous in the things she was doing as a drunk that it was funny. Hopefully the movie turns out great and makes tons of money so that the white Americans who are calling this movie “nigger featured movies” “a nigger as Annie? what?” and so much more hateful words, can shut up, and experience what it truly means to be brown skin in film, GREAT!

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