What To Do When The Unexpected Happens? 5 Things Growing Business’s Go Through And How To Get Through It


Are you an entrepreneur starting your business idea from scratch? Are you having trouble relying on those who claim they want to see you happy, prosper, and succeed, as they neglect to help you? Have you been lied to and told “I’m excited for you, anything you need me to do, I’m there for you.” ? Has your bank account resembled that less than a begging homeless man on the street? Have you ever had something unexpected happen that could possibly ruin your business before it even plateaus? And have you ever thought about ending it all?

If you’ve answered yes to at least three of these, then you are on the right track!

Starting a business is not easy. Unfortunately those around you develop what I like to call a mirrored sense of self, especially if they are not also starting a business. As you become clear about your destination and your soul begins the transition between choosing a right or a left when the fork on the road presents itself, and having a tunnel vision, your “friends” start to see what they are not doing compared to you. Beware of those who want your life, they will luxuriate while you suffer, and try to make you feel less than what you are worth, they are not your friends. As you become even more clear, your tunnel vision will separate everything into categories. Friends, Family members all alike: the ones who never do anything, the haters, bystanders, riders, liars, fake supporters, and real supporters. Choose wisely.



– We start, before we even launch the business, to doubt ourselves. Not dealing with that doubt, forces its stay once we launch the business and creeps up on us from time to time, especially when we are not doing as well as we though business wise. Unfortunately, this will never go away, so sooner than later find a way to use its energy for the greater good of the business.


– We finally break through with our first client, immediately we jump the gun thinking this one client will tell their friends, and they’ll tell their friends and before you know it, our business is booming. While the latter can happen, it’s not something that should encourage you, motivate, yes, but not encourage.


– Most people cannot do all the tasks required to run a business in 2014. Photos, networking, advertisement, etc… Often times we look else where to expand the business, but we come across people who say they’ll help, but never do, and those who want to help, but who might also snatch your ideas and run with it. Sometimes believing in yourself to do all things at least long enough until you find the right person is all you have to do. In this case simplicity is key.


– We did it! We have regular clients, we have a good flow of money, we have notoriety…But in the grand scope of things, we are still on the rise. We often forget this thinking because we’ve served 30 people or even 100 people that have made it when we have barely scratched the surface. This is probably the hardest part, getting out of your own way. I suggest, bringing in someone that you trust who is older and more experienced to review your numbers and let you know what’s really good. This gives you perspective, like watching a movie for the fifth time, but feeling like you’re experiencing it for the first because you’ve invited someone who has never seen it. Basically, find ways to be real with yourself!

5. JOY

– We’ve now made it to national TV, spots in magazines, Youtube hits and regular readers and followers through out our blogs, Twitter, Facebook and social media accounts. We even have a personal salary, and one staff member! How cool is that? Here is where it gets tough, but not hard. Hard is something that’s difficult to break through, we’ve already accomplished that, tough is something that’s annoyingly difficult to rip through, but if we keep at it long enough (longevity) we can survive, grow, and multiply, ultimately becoming the business we set out to be, but this cannot happen without structure. So, this is the part where structure, and professionalism truly takes place.

Remember make great business decisions, never put someone else mask on before yours, know your self-worth, and my personal favorite…TRUST IN GOD!



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