An 8 Year Old Genius Speaks 9 Languages, Plays 8 Instruments, And You Won’t Believe What Else! @MabouLoiseau WATCH

Since 2011, genius Mabou Loiseau appeared on social media and shocked the world wide web with her amazing abilities. extraordinarykids_630There’s nothing this genius cannot do. Mabou Loiseau is not only a polyglot and musical prodigy, she is a math wizard, tennis player, swimmer, ice skater, actress, and singer! Nestled in the burrow of Queens, New York this Super-genius is on the fast track to super-stardom.

Mabou Loiseau speaks, writes and reads: English, Russian, Arabic, Manderin, French, Japanese, Spanish, Creole, and Signed Language fluently. At only 8 years old, can you imagine what 18 would be like for her? She could virtually work anywhere, and do anything she wanted!

Loiseau plays 8 instruments and is also continuing to learn more. She plays: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Harp, Clarinet, Conga, the Drums and the Flute!

What were you doing at 8 years old?

In addition to her already groundbreaking, unbelievable gifts, this 8 year old prodigy is also an actress and a singer! After her debut on Katie Couric’s talk show “Katie” this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if record labels, and talent agency’s weren’t beating down her door. Watch the video below to see why.

The BLACK Media salutes Mabou Loiseau the Super-Genius of our generation! Keep your eye on this Queens prodigy I’m certain there’s more to come. To stay connected with Mabou Loiseau visit:

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