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No your eyes are not deceiving you, yes, NBA Legend Charles Barkley did go on record to say; “We as black people we’re never going to be successful, not because of you white people, because of other black people….” LISTEN BELOW:

This is not a spoof, or a voice actor acting like Charles, this is the real deal, your ears are not deceiving you! My question to you is….DO YOU AGREE?


In Charles’s statement he said; “we as black people, we’re NEVER going to be successful…” Now let’s just stop there. The amount of contradiction in his first unintelligent statement calls into question the amount of self hate he has for himself and his people, if he is being coerced into saying such things, and if he is having a MENTAL BREAK DOWN! How could a successful NBA Legend claim WE as Black people, will NEVER be successful? Maybe he considers himself 3/4s Black. This is the part where your face should like something like -____________-

Charles goes on to say; “…not because of you white people, because of other black people…” I do believe this is where the mental break down possibly occurred, or trigger of the gun to his head was being pressed, or the apparent self hate was revealed. Maybe I read the wrong history book, but white supremacy is alive and well is it not? Were we not held back having to over come obstacles whites did not as Afrikans not only 300 years ago as slaves, but just this past 1950 when there was Jim Crow laws and segregation? My grandparents were born in the 50s and are still alive today, so it wasn’t that long ago. White people have had a LIFE TIME of working on what it means to be successful and how to continue that in generations to come. Afrikans in America barely had rights in the 60s my mother was born in the 70s thus having me in the 90s, we’ve come far and we are successful, what race is he referring to?

To compare our struggle with that of the smooth evolution of whites in power is illogical. A life time of power and control, compared to only about 50 good years of growth in the Afrikan community is ridiculous!

Aside from all the deep funk, to end the confusion his opening statement caused; i’d like to say…AFRIKAN AMERICANS ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!! So, how can we NEVER be?

Now Watch Me Rip!

Charles Says; “…when you’re black you have to deal with so much crap from other black people in your life…”

Tahir Says; When you are White, Asian, Latino, European, A Damn Fish in the sea, Whales, Bees, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats, YOU WILL DEAL WITH CRAP FROM YOUR COUNTER PARTS ITS THE WAY LIFE WORKS….”I never had a problem with people like me…SAID NO ONE EVER

Charles Says; “…its a dirty dark secret, I’m glad it’s coming out, it comes out every few years, I wrote a big chapter in my book about it to be honest with you…”

Tahir Says; HONEST? Since when is the opinion of a mere man now FACT? a dirty dark secret in the community? DID YOU KNOW? BECAUSE I WASN’T INFORMED, I must not have been listening when we played Telephone to hear this secret, by the time it got it me BULLSHIT was the secret i screamed out. But that was a nice plug for this so called big chapter he wrote; I’m sure his white sponsors are extremely happy he said this, now they’ll market him better…just saying, it could happen.

Charles says; “…young black kids, you know, when they do well in school, the LOSER kids tell em’, ‘oh you’re acting white’ to kids who speak intelligently…”

Tahir Says; As a child who grew up with other CHILDREN saying; you’re acting white because of the way I spoke, I NEVER knew they were masterfully plotting to ruin my life muahahahahah. HAVE A SEAT! WHITES, LATINOS, ASIANS, AND MORE All face adversity in school, it’s not because of their skin colour, or the way they speak, or because someone is trying to act outside of their race that people “hate on” each other, its because KIDS ARE UNINTELLIGENT we have not learned enough so we naturally pick on what’s different. AND ITS NOT EVERYONE. The amount of bullies in each school around the world I BET the percentage is the lowest when compared to people who actually want to learn and educate themselves. That never stopped me and my 10 SUCCESSFUL FRIENDS WITH BACHELORS DEGREES. And I bet if you asked each race, they’ll tell you they too have been made fun of as a child.

Charles says; “For some reason we are brainwashed to think, if you’re not a thug or an idiot, you’re not black enough. If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent, and don’t break the law, you’re not a good black person.”

Tahir says; Raise your hand if you know ANYONE with this mentality -______-. Yes we are brainwashed, but this aint it! White supremacist have marginalized Afrikan Americans, systemized us, and more so much so that we are unaware of the terrible unhealed effects that suppression and degradation has on us as a community. I do not know ONE person who believes they are not Black enough if they aren’t a thug, etc. NOT ONE! The percentage of Afrikan American gangsters, thugs, drug dealers etc is substantially lower then those who aren’t any of those things. And it’s not just our RACE! Every race has it’s bad apples, but nobody ever speaks about the MAFIA…Charles Barkley is doing what whites do to us every day which is take a small percentage of damage in our community and HIGH LIGHT IT as if IT STANDS FOR US ALL making it bigger, thus creating this stereotype that the WORLD believes about Brown skinned folk.

Charles says; “…There are a lot of black people who are unintelligent, who don’t have success – it’s best to knock a successful black person down ’cause they’re intelligent, they speak well, they do well in school, and they’re successful…”

Tahir says; THIS IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM. THIS IS A PEOPLE PROBLEM. HUMAN beings do this to each other, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we have black skin and “black mentality” EVERY RACE DOES THIS TO EACH OTHER THIS IS A HUMAN ISSUE!!!!!!! When the hell did ENVY become a BLACK thing? Chile…

Charles says; “…We’re the only race that tell people if you don’t have street cred, with like, that means you been arrested – Like, like that’s a compliment. We’re the only ethnic group who say, ‘Hey, if you go to jail, it gives you street cred.’ It’s just typical BS that goes on when you’re black, man…”

Tahir says; HE JUST furthermore proved his “crabs in a barrel” statement, by knocking down his COMMUNITY and uplifting every other race except his own. Again, THIS IS NOT A BLACK problem, its a PEOPLE PROBLEM!!!!!! Mafia, Latin Street Kings, Chinese Thugs, etc are also races that hold street cred in high regard, as a human issue this effects PEOPLE who are misguided, NOT just BLACK people. We are NOT the only race. Pure ignorance!!! By the way, the thugs, gangsters, and killers I know…DONT WANT TO GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!

I have never, in my life been more pissed about a topic before. Charles Barkley single handily disrespected 100s of years of people who’ve helped him, and us, get this far. The amount of unintelligent, ignorant, self-hate, this man spewed out of his mouth saddens me, angers me, and lets me know we still have a very long way to go. The fact that people are agreeing with this man, is like Hitler leading a nation of blonde hair blue eyed folks with the bible as his “guide”. Misinterpretation to the max! Instead of recognizing the amount of success we’ve had as a race, we focus on what many races have in their bunch, bad apples. The only thing we do as Afrikan Americans is continue to talk badly about the bad apples which are so few in our bunch, as we do it, we give permission for others to do it, thus making us SEEM as the lesser race in this country. We are more than what you read, see, and hear…

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  1. I agree with Charles… I personally think he “told it like it is”. I see nothing wrong with his comments and I support and accept them.

  2. Clearly I disagree, but everyone is entitled to their opinions…I rather stick with the facts. ..

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