HOT NEW ISH: DAWN RICHARD Ex-Danity Kane Member Releases NEW Record “BLOW” With Powerful VISUALS @DawnRichard WATCH:


DAWN RICHARD is Back! After much speculation about the ex-Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard is back on the solo road to greatness. It was only 2 years ago when Dawn released viral efforts, with millions of views collectively; “Save me From You”, “Automatic” and her anthem “Bombs” catapulted her independent route like she’d hoped it would: radio interviews, appearances, international bookings, and more. After releasing “Armor On” a prelude to her album “Golden Heart” which were both successful on iTunes, and made it to Billboard 200, she took a turn that no one expected. She rejoined Danity Kane!

After the group toured, releases new singles, and prepared for their new reality show, Capturethere was another break-up, one serious enough that the group will never return as Danity Kane. No one really knows what happened, but open letters were written and fans were told the album DK3 would not be released. After weeks of deliberation, the album DK3 was released and fans were happy, but not as happy as the HEARTS (Dawns fans)

Dawn Richard surprised her fans with the release of a new video and song; “BLOW” and the release date of her long awaited album; “BLACK HEART” which will be available 1.15.15! It seems like an appropriate time to release “BLOW” which just so happens to be the same time DK3 was released! The video features Dawn as a vampire, a Native American, and of course unique dance moves to go along with it. Released on vevo Dawn Richard is not playing around this time.

Check out the video below:


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