Ferguson Grand Jury Announces Verdict On Michael Brown Shooting

Michael Brown was murdered August 9th 2014 by a white cop and left dead in the middle of the street. It sent an outrage through the United States.

Ferguson, Missouri went through a terrible downfall as many people in rage over Michael’s murder looted, and destroyed Ferguson to make a point to the government and the people of the United States that killing our youth, killing our race is NOT ok. Many disagreed about this approach thus many anti-violence marches, and protest commenced and still many were shot, gassed, and abused by white cops in Ferguson. Read More…

Tonight the verdict is in, After a long drawn out speech NBC NEWS reported LIVE and the decision is made. The white cop that murdered Michael Brown for no other reason than racial profiling and stereotyping….NO INDICTMENT! BASICALLY A WHITE COP GOT AWAY SHOOTING AND KILLING A BROWN BOY LEFT DEAD FOR HOURS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

They found no probable cause to convict the white cop that shot Michael Brown. Other than the fact that he was unarmed and running for his life…hunted is more like it. This is crazy!

What’s sad is either way millions are tuned in and somewhere some white man or woman is laughing collecting money from the ratings….#icantdeal

Many took precautionary measures to make sure their businesses do not get destroyed based on this verdict. Many believed the looting and destroying of the city had no effect, but clearly it did! If it didn’t there would be no precaution, no consideration, but it was, and will continue to be because of the looting and destruction of Ferguson. Hopefully this change wakes America up! Everyone needs to wake up and understand that race is still a serious issue in this Country and this unfortunate event is just one of too many examples of that fact.

The fact that a white supremacy group taunted, and protested against the Afrikan American peaceful protesters for Michael Brown is a huge example of what needs to end! The fact that white supremacy groups are even still allowed in America is a huge issue, one that must be tackled. I could go on and on about the disrespect, the degradation, and the murder of my people, but I’ll leave you with this. Be encouraged, let this event and many like it uplift your spirit to do the RIGHT THING and help each other become a more peaceful place. It can happen. We can do it! #UNITY

To learn more facts about Ferguson watch Chescaleigh’s video below:

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