LEGENDARY | D’Angelo Shocks The World With The NUMBER ONE Album In 40mins #BlackMessiah Trending @TheDangelo LOOK:

10801482_808384622554807_7277683512156175632_nWHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! D’Angelo is back! For years the world has been waiting to hear new music from the King of Neo-soul. In 2012 he made his long awaited televised debut on B.E.T and millions tuned in as he blessed us with the song “Sugah Daddy” blowing everyone away!

Days before the release of “Black Messiah” he released the mp3 version; “Sugah Daddy” and Broke The Internet, as they say. Now, in less than 40mins of release, yes, at 12:40am today, “Black Messiah” climbed to the number one spot on the R&B charts!! (Now beating out Nicki Minaj for the number one spot ALL ALBUMS not just R&B that’s already two number ones for the King) Still trending since before 12am today, D’Angelo is proving, no matter how long you stay away, regroup, and grow, good music will carry you, and your fans will wait to hear from you. And he did not disappoint! 6

The album is absolutely amazing! It is a heavy instrumental based album. I am not surprised by that as D’angelo is a multi-instrumentalist, and handles a guitar with so much smoothness you’d think he was singing through the strings! The album is a movement, a piece, not just music, but a message, everything we can expect from D’Angelo. It is the kind of album you get LOST IN!

Check out “Sugah Daddy”

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dangleo new album

If you haven’t already bought the album, SHAME ON YOU! Help D’angleo climb to the number one spot. Congrats to Nicki Minaj for claiming the number one spot on iTunes across multiple countries, but D’angelo is right behind her in the #3 spot for all albums world wide. I am excited to see what visuals will come after this amazing first day release that put him at the number one spot for R&B albums seemingly not going anywhere for quite some time. This is what music needs right now, he is so necessary!

From Number 9 to Number 3 And Still Climbing on Top Albums World Wide


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.24.33 PM

R&B CHARTS iTunes #1 Spot!


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