DAYTIME EMMYS 2015: Long Over Due @WendyWilliams Earns TWO Daytime Emmy Noms LOOK:

wendAfter six years of Hot topics, stylish fashions, and wigs so powerful it should be nominated in a category all by itself, Wendy Williams, DayTime Queen of Gab finally gets the nominations she deserves!

It was announced on The TALK yesterday that Wendy Williams was nominated for TWO EMMYS; OutStanding TALK SHOW, and OutStanding TALK SHOW HOST! If you ask me, if you’re gonna be nominated after years of “don’t cry for me I got my own show” and “if I ever get nominated, which I probably won’t” I bet it feels damn good to be nominated as a show, and as a host!


I’m just gone’ say it now…WENDY WILLIAMS WILL WIN BOTH!!! That’s right, She will leave that awards show a double Emmy award winning talk show host placing her right where she needs to be…at the TOP! How You Doing!???


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3 comments Add yours
  1. She really don’t deserve an award …. Always going in on people and throwing shade at them.

  2. Her job is to give an opinion, she’s one of the funniest most realist people on television I think she’ll win. She’s great. And shade is funny. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Shade isn’t always funny but I guess I’m throwing shade by saying she don’t deserve this award. Hope she does WIN!!!

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