HEALING IN A BOOK: @INDIAARIE Releases New Book On Colourism, Misogyny, Skin Bleaching Allegations AND MORE HERE:



Multi-Grammy award winning, singer-songwriter India.Arie opens up giving the world access to the abyss surrounding her skin bleaching allegations (which by the way anyone with half of a half of a half of brain knew better) by tackling the latter, colourism, misogyny, twitter trolls, and celebrityism in her new book; SongVersation: I AM LIGHT.

India was recently spotted on B.E.T’s hit television drama “Being Mary Jane” along with Michaela Angela Davis and Mark Anthony Neil. The episode focused on colourism, women, skin, race, and social class as a whole and of course, India.Arie had much to say about it.

During the episode, India.Arie tweeted fans to inform them about what’s coming after the episode, but no one was ready for what she had in store. India released the first part of a Five part book/essay that will feature new music, webisodes, and a community of SoulBirds sparking up true Song-Versation about healing and its counterparts.

She also released her very first YouTube video, WATCH BELOW:

After reading the first part of the book I can honestly say, this is revolutionary. When you SIGN-UP FREE it’s almost like you are signing up to participate in a world healing, and growth a sort of “conversation starter package” that will inspire a lasting conversation of serious topics for years to come. It’s almost like a SoulBird University.

Here are a few quotes from her literature;

“…….SongVersation: I Am Light is predicated upon the necessity of humanity to take each person into account as a full, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Because we care more about what things look like than what they are, because we uplift intellect and what can be proven, and push down intuition and what we feel, we are blind to the deeper aspects of ourselves and our fellow humans, to the detriment of humankind……”

“…….No one debates whether or not the body, mind or emotions are real, but we are always debating the existence of the spirit. In truth, it is the spirit that animates all of those things. Without the spirit, the body and the other things that we think define us, cease to exist……” READ MORE HERE

This is not a movement that you want to miss! After reading week one, I cannot wait to dig deep into the following weeks of insight. It’s India’s most candid and detailed feelings covering taboo topics, her life, life in general, and ways we can heal and bring about peace and love, many things you’ve come to expect from India.Arie when you SIGN-UP FREE.


TheBLACKMedia.org is excited to see what comes of this, will you join SoulBird University?

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