WINNING: @AZEALIABANKS Covers @BillBoard Magazine Talks white Privilege, Rap, And You Wont Believe What Else LOOK:


It’s been a comfy year for Azealia Banks, or so it seems. The 212 NYC Hip-Hop Coaco Goddess covers the coveted Billboard Magazine! Now, an Indie artist, Azealia Banks is truly winning! After her much needed interview on HOT97 where she teared up speaking about the truths of the United States and how coloured people are still blatantly oppressed and mistreated in entertainment specifically, Hiphop, but also in general, Ms. Banks is slowly becoming the voice of the young and oppressed.

Recently she released her much awaited “Ice Princess” video, that went viral WATCH BELOW:

She also recently covered another coveted magazine, Playboy Mag, click below for full cover:


In Billboard Magazine; “Banks speaks her mind about white privilege, women in rap, female desire and personal demons. She’s also a provocateur in the purest sense: She wants to get a reaction, to shatter comfort zones. ‘I’m not here to be your idol, because I’m probably going to do some f–ed-up shit,’ she admits.” Ms. Banks also gets very candid saying what, I’m sure, many women often think about the President of the United States… more

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My Fav images from the shoot below:

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