#WHITEPRIVILEGE: 16YearOld @AmandlaStenberg SHUTS DOWN #CulturalAppropriation/White Celebs Who Subscribe To It WATCH



16 year old actress Amandla Stenberg, best known for her roles on “Hunger Games” and “Colombiana” eloquently describes the true nature of Hair, culture, and race in the Afrikan American community. Using examples of white entertainers and their blatant theft to dispute the privileged appropriation of culture by non-coloured people, Ms. Amanda Sternberg is wise beyond her youth.

In the video below titled; “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows – a crash discourse on black culture” Amandla gives great historic detail, and fact about the larceny of style, items, language, and culture of the Afrikan people living in and out of America. While the main point of the video deals with hair and why it’s important that Women of Colour maintain certain styles of hair for upkeep and comfort, the message between the beginning and end of the video deals with the history of Afrikan culture in America and the, as Azealia Banks put it “cultural smudging” that takes place in America…WATCH BELOW:

I couldnt’ve said it better myself!! Literally, I’m too immature for conversation of cultural appropriation because I am still angry, I own that, and I’m working on it, however if I could, I’d do exactly what Ms. Stenberg has done;

“………As hip hop became more and more popular and integrated into POP CULTURE so did BLACK CULTURE…………BLACK CULTURE HAD BECOME POPULAR…………..appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated but is deemed as high fashion cool or funny when the PRIVILEGED take it for themselves……….” (selected quotes from above video) MORE: HERE



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  1. She is def smart and cultured beyond her years. Cultural appropriation is evident in so many forms; we as black people are stuck in a catch 22 whereby as soon as black culture becomes mainstream, its origins and histories are disregarded and diluted. I recently wrote a piece on cultural appropriation within the beauty world.

  2. EXACTLY!!!! The origins aren’t even mentioned and the response as to why is “oh people already know” …smh no …they dont.

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