AN INSTAGRAM SUCCESS: #32DAYSOFENCOURAGEMENT Has Ended Here’s A Few Experiences From #32DOE Participants LOOK:


ByTahirRegister_TheBLACKMediaApril 30th 2015 #32DOE ended, but not before long goodbyes, words of encouragement and a nostalgic look back at the encouraging words, photos, and videos of each participant.

During the launch, Academy Award winning Mo’Nique gave DCROW and a helping hand when she responded to a tweet replying using the hashtag created by Tahir Register #32DOE giving words of encouragement and sharing that with her followers…


Not only did the Academy Award winning queen of Comedy share her support via Twitter for the cause’ renowned judge host of daytime court show & MSNBC legal analyst; Judge Faith joined in and along with her, a few of her followers.

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Over all it was a success! The mission; to spread encouragement in these confusing times and flood social media, starting with Instagram, with videos and photos encouraging people to balance out the negativity so readily available through out social media platforms. We did it! Check out what a few had to say about their experience below;

Tahir RegisterI did it for the whole 32 days! Even though I am the event runner along with DCROW, (I’m the C in DCROW ahhahahahha), it was tough, and my counterparts experienced laps in days of encouragements, understandably so, I too had those days, but I pushed through and it was because of the other encouraging people I saw post every single day! It was difficult telling yourself to encourage. A lot can happen in a month and a lot did, but I kept at it, and in the end I found training myself to say encouraging things for 32 days in a row allowed me to own it even today, but un-forcefully. I’m glad I did this!

YourFavoriteBerger – …well to get right to the point, my experience has been fun, and it has also affected me! i’ve been “practicing what i’ve been preaching” i guess you could say! yes, at times it was hard to remember to post everyday but i did it! and there is no better feeling than knowing that i’ve helped someone with their day. 🙂

PinkCupCake85 – Hey! My experience with the #32daysofencouragement challenge was amazing! Although I missed a couple days, I’m so happy to say that I was apart of this. So many different words of encouragement each day really helped my bad moods. Sometimes even when I was not feeling it, I looked at how many post there was spreading positivity and it made me smile!

Rhenotha Whitaker: My name is Rhenotha Ophelia Whitaker, #INDEED I know you already knew that however I felt it important to tell you that because my middle name means HELP. I’ve lived my life to be a blessing to others not even knowing what my middle name meant. The journey of #32DaysofEncouragement was a small extension of being a blessing to life of someone else. This Campaign was grand in its simplicity by just sharing an encouraging word for someone else. Someone may have gone to the gym because of me or smiled that day because of me. I hope it made an impact and inspires others to be a blessing to someone else and be an encouragement as well #indeed #32doe #blessSomebody

Mixedswagg – all I can say is I’m thankful to do what I love to do and that’s give people hope, encouragement, and inspiration through my life experiences. Nothing that I post or said wasn’t anything that I haven’t experienced already, I’ve been down without a friend to encourage me and inspire me to keep going so I wanted to be that person to someone else.

More coming soon…

Special Thanks To All Who Participated: (by their IG names * = DCROW)







Rhenotha Whitaker* 







Judge Faith


Tahir Register*




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