TRENDING: @LiLMama Debuts UghMazing “Sausage” Video And Trends Through Out Social Media Like WILD FIRE VIDEO:

wpid-wp-1421961293827“EGGS BACON GRITS…” This sausage movement, said to be started by vine celebs named; “Big Mac” is now a hot record for rapper/actress Lil Mama. She returned to the scene in the hit TLC biopic, as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and shocked millions with her skilled performance. After the success of the movie, Lil Mama toured with TLC filling in as “Left Eye”, covering her parts during hit TLC songs.

Lil Mama had been gearing fans up for what many said could never happen, a hit, a major return, releasing songs via SoundCloud showcasing her rap skills, impressively remixing songs made popular by other artist. While “Sausage” may not be a hit song yet, many feel it’s a great come back to the music industry.

“Sausage”, often rapped as a game teens play referencing the penis, is a tribute, clearly paying homage to several different viral franchises, Slick Rick, Mary J Blige and more. The haters who slandered Lil Mama for “stealing” are without common sense as the clarity in the promo song and tribute is super clear and evident. Lil Mama wowed millions in this music video with her skilled dancing, and over all support and uplift of her city, New York City! Check out the video below, which premiered on WorldStarHipHop reaching over 1million views…below is the video taken from her official Youtube page:

Trending for over five hours on Twitter, and having her video shared/seen on Facebook over ONE MILLION times, I say this upbeat, ode to “real hiphop” involving the community, telling kids to rap it up, and having fun in the streets collectively is a great “come back” for Lil Mama.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 2.21.12 AM

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