HILARIOUS: @RealCTucker Releases First Ever Comedy Special Via @NetFlix July 10th | Watch His Hilarious TRAILER:



I’ve been a fan of comedy for a long time. I’ve seen many specials, and have respected many comedians, but somehow I had no idea Chris Tucker never did a comedy special. I guess his hilarious, stomach wrenching performances in “Friday”, “Rush Hour” (all of em’) and my favorite “The Fifth Element” made me think he’d done one. This is Chris Tuckers first ever comedy special, which was recorded in Atlanta. It will premiere July 10th on Netflix, so if ya aint got it, or if you don’t have a password to get into it, GET IT because this trailer is proving to be something else!! It’s hilarious, and I’m sure the special will be too…I wonder what else Chris has cooking look:

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