FINALLY: A Full R&B Album Goes #1 “Black Rose” By @Tyrese Congrats! Watch Tyrese On Truth & Race In Music WATCH:


One man takes on a huge task…but it’s working!


Tyrese, known for his soulful voice, and block buster hit movies is on a mission! For his last album ever, “Black Rose”, he decided to single handily change the music industry as it pertains to R&B music, true R&B music. No rap features pushing the record like contemporary ads for R&B artist in todays days (except Snoop Dog), no producer promo, just him, hard work and great R&B soulful music, which is number one on Billboard 200 and in over 15 countries!!!

Side Note:

Who knew a little photoshop darkening, sharpening, cropping, Raleway font, and the words “#1 Album – 15 Countries” would be seen by millions? Thanks Tyrese for sharing the ad I created to promote this article and your album your display picture and posting it on your IG which Taraji P Henson, Kris Jenner, and many more have reposted…Thank you!


Check out his interview on The Breakfast Club Power 105.1. He speaks the truth on how he is trying to benefit the state of R&B. He compares how white artist with the same title, sound, look and feel can be played on pop, and urban radio, but Black artist cannot. It’s the truth, we all see it, we all hear it, but what do we do to fix it? Check it out below, he even lets us in on his plans for the Grammys:



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