WOMAN: @MissJillScott Gets Deep In @BreakFastClubAm Interview Race, Men, The System, Sex, Love, & #WOMAN WATCH:

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Jill Scott gives a truthful interview with 105.1 The Breakfast Club. She brings up the Bill Cosby scandal and how impactful it is to be losing her actual Father to dementia and losing Bill her Father figure. She shares her feelings on B.L.A.C.K Men who obtain power, her album WOMAN, sex, love, passion, and everything you can expect Jill to be about. This interview was great!!!! It’s a must see, and if you haven’t purchase her album WOMAN on iTunes

A musician after my own heart, compares Wagner no less, a “notorious racist” but brilliant composer to the defamation of Afrikan men in America with power who’s influence has helped millions, but the second they get caught doing something terrible, not to take away from their deed, are instantly defamed, and casted away, but Wagner, and many other white men in history with worse, or just as bad of a rep do not get defamed, still win awards and placement in history, but if you’re B.L.A.C.K in America with the same kind of power, THEY strip your life source away from you….

Episode Seven: From Making The Band Taquita Thorns to The Evolution of TQ APLUS Interview (July 27th)

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