VIRALSTATUS: @JadeNovah Unintentionally Goes VIRAL! Her @Beyonce Commercial Impressions Are Perfection A MUST SEE:


Jade Novah’s “If Beyonce did commercials” video Goes Viral…

Jade, known for her viral cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, becoming a background singer for Rihanna and many others in the industry, and being an artist herself, makes big waves again. The actress, singer-songwriter has always been a fan of Beyonce. A few years back she created a character named “Keyonce” Beyonce’s siamese twin sister. Her Beyonce impressions as “Keyonce” is widely known through social media, but now she has something else to add to the viral corner.

She recently released a video via IG/Twitter. Jade is known for doing this, so it wasn’t out of character or just for the purpose of going viral, she was just doing what she does, and lucked into going viral, she even says;

Watch the video that landed her on Marie Claire and So Many More Outlets


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