HISTORIC: Sean “P Diddy” Combs aka Puff Daddy And LA Reid Join Forces In New Bad Boy Entertainment & Epic Deal LOOK:


Entertainment HISTORY we strike again!!!

Come on now B.L.A.C.K people! DO WE SHINE OR WHAT?! Sean, P Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy Combs etc. Ha! Has joined forces with the R&B king himself LA Reid! Puffy, known for his redefining string of hits in hiphop and R&B and LA known for his life changing R&B stars like Toni Braxton, & TLC both of which has taken R&B music, and music in general toRF5YeP-g places no one thought would ever happen, are now working together in this joint deal. Both Reid and Diddy has been friends for years and worked together before, but not in this EPIC capacity.

According to Billboard LA Reid and Sean Combs will join Bad Boy and EPIC to release P Diddy’s new music, and have a roster of new musicians looking for NEW ARTIST TO SIGN and musicians already on their respective labels together, creating a blending that has never really happened before in music history. Personally Im excited about this. Knowing their spoiled history of treating artist badly, and “stealing money” with those same artist today still friends, have since worked it out and some even have worked together and all is forgiven makes for an interesting sell. Two companies who’ve done it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, can now just MAKE MUSIC! They now have an idea of what to do, who to sign, how to be, and what deals to make leaving everyone satisfied and with what they deserve. I’d soooo join, clears throat sign me…

Already P Diddy has released new music “WorkIn” which you can purchase now on iTunes, and of course the video above featuring Pharrell. Seems like this merge is just what music was missing. What do you think?

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