POWERMOVE: Tristan “Mack” Wilds Stars As Leading Man in Adeles New Music Video “Hello” A MUST SEE WATCH:


Whoa I did not see that coming…

Tristan Wilds who now goes by the name Mack Wilds after starting his music career has pulled a power move. The highly anticipated Adele record was just released and who, but Mack Wilds is the star and leading man in the music video. Adele’s fan base is astronomical, her record sales are historic and appearing in an Adele video will ensure that you will be seen by millions. Appearing in her first music video for her debut single off her new album ensures almost a billion ha! Mack Wilds was brought to us through acting so starring in a music video isn’t exactly farfetched from his career, but it is surely a power move on his end.

Yay Mack Wilds team…this is a win, and the video and song is amazing!! WATCH:

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