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Pray for Mexico….

Mexico has suffered and is suffering, and will be suffering long after today a devastating catastrophe. Hurricane Patricia, a sweet name, with an awful might, is the largest
Hurricane in recorded history. Even bigger than Hurricane Katrina according to side by side schematics of each hurricane from NASA.

Mexico’s residents were warned to stay inside by “President Enrique Peña Nieto, in a tweet, said: “Hurricane Patricia is on the coast of Mexico. Do not go outside. Protect yourselves and follow instructions from Civil Protection. I am thinking of you all.”CNN

Below is footage from the International Space Station showing the massiveness of the hurricane…

Americans, and other worldly patrons have gone in to help, but after the storm passes Mexico will still need much help, much money, and much support. You can help by donating today HERE


To all of our readers in Mexico – The BLACK Media is praying for you and will continue to do our part, help each other, stay safe, and continue to pray, stay strong!!!

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