BLACKFACTS: #DidYouKnow Wendy Raquel Robinson Is The First Afrikan American To Play Cruella De Vil? #Powerful LOOK:


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Wendy Raquel Robinson known for her stellar tv roles on “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Game” has now entered into something I like to call, B.L.A.C.K Facts History. It’s when a major thing happens in entertainment that otherwise wouldn’t happen due to racism, oppression and precedents set by non people of colour that barred people of colour from doing it. It’s a break through. Like Halle Berry winning an Oscar, a character
seen by over 6 million children, ranging from Asian to white to Latino can now see a character that many have known for years to be white, as a person of colour. It changes the conversation for the new generation and for that we THANK Wendy Raquel Robinson and the people over at the Disney channel for creating the hit movie “Descendants”. Check out the full image below:

DESCENDANTS – Wendy Raquel Robinson stars as Cruella de Vil on Disney Channel’s original movie “Descendants.” (Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

There are talks of a “Descendants” part two…hopefully they bring Wendy back! Check out her latest interview below:

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