SAYWHA?: Keke Palmer’s New Video “I Don’t Belong To You” Features Keke As A Powerful Vixen Playing For Both Teams WATCH:


That ending had me a little bit like wait whaaaaaaa??????

Keke Palmer is probably the most successful child star to transition from a little girl we all loved to a powerful business woman we respect. She is known for her humble personality, strong feelings and expression, and her multitalented career. Having made music in the past, we are used to Keke Palmer singing by now, but this video is on another level. I love the hook, and the theme of the music, she is giving us a story, something that is missing in music

As the video states…I don’t belong to you, it chronicles what seems to be a relationship with Actor/Singer, Rotimi (TV Shows POWER Starz, HBO Boss) featured in the video. After she leaves him, she goes home and prepares to leave again. When she gets to the house she prepared for in the shower scene before….let’s just say things take a huge turn WATCH…….

…It doesn’t means she’s gay, or bi-sexual its just an actress playing a role to get the point of the song across…No one but Keke can say what or who she is folk relax yawl so quick to jump to conclusions ….enjoy the video and continue living. SHE WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT IT IN PEOPLE


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