[VIDEO] FOX FACEOFF Between Angela Box & Quanell X Over Now Fired Officer In South Carolina Over Abusing Teen In CLASS:


Quanell X VS. Angela Box …..Clearly Angela was wrong!!

Thank you Quanell X, leader of The BLACK PANTHER PARTY in Houston Texas, for defending our people and saying what needed to be said. This quote sums up what happens when you’re white in america; ‘….And guess what, at the end of the day, there’s wolves in sheep clothing every day teaching in black schools….’

Angela was wrong. I was fine with everything she was saying until she said; ‘We’ve got to address the culture…the disrespect of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself…’ I mean, I could literally hear the record scratch. How dare she say anything about Afrikan culture in America when she is a recipient of white privilege. What does she know about the consistent oppression and institutionalization of the Afrikan race here in America? How dare she minimize our Afrikan struggles to a mere ‘chip on [our] shoulder’, as if what we march about, fight about, died over, and have been marginalized over is all just a grudge?!

That cop went too far, she agrees, but that should have been the end of her sentence. A white cop abusing an Afrikan little girl has race written all over it, but not because of us, but because of white people! It’s white culture, white supremacist who hide under KKK masks to hide their true identity, who’ve lynched us just for being a person of colour, and who still exist today. So I ask you…how are we suppose to know if he is not just another white racist doing what white racist do? Because he has an Afrikan wife?! Because he has been together with her for years? white slave master also fell in love with their female Afrikan slaves and houseworkers, but it didn’t stop them from killing, beating, owning and hating the other slaves on their plantation….I’m just saying.

TheBLACKMedia Wants To Know….Who’s Side Are You On!?

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