[BOSS’ISH] Jada Pinkett Smith Executive Produces & Stars In “Murder Town” Coming To ABC LOOK:


Jada Pinkett Smith is making her return to television in another major way…

Fans were excited when Jada Pinkett Smith executive produced and starred as Hawthorne from the hit show HAWTHORNE on TNT. After 30 episodes and three amazing seasons the show was canceled and fans were disappointed, especially since the relationship between Jada’s character and Marc Anthony’s character was so good! Fans were then excited to see Jada on the hit show Gotham, but was torn away again after Jada’s character played it part. We were all happy to see her in the hit movie Magic Mike 2, but its still not enough! We need more Jada, and hopefully Murder Town is what will satisfy us all.

FoTo: A&E Studios

Murder Town, according to VARIETY is a crime-drama;

Pinkett Smith will star [and executive produce] as a beautiful and complicated prosecutor who makes history as Wilmington, Delaware’s first African-American District Attorney. She finds herself confronted by old loyalties and loves, a shocking revelation about her murdered husband and a polarizing, racially-charged case that threatens to burn her and her city to the ground…Elizabeth Wagmeister

Now this show is possibly going to be a pilot. Which means one episode has been ordered to be shot, no word on whether they have picked it up for a full season yet. The show will be produced by A&E studios, so the production value will be great! Let’s hope she lands a place on ABC home of Shonda Rhimes TGIT series. Go in Women of colour!!!

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