[SMFH] 50 Cent VS Vivica A Fox Why This Feud Needs To STOP! LOOK:


50 Cent VS Vivica A. Fox …

This is ridiculous. While watching Watch What Happens Live, Vivica was asked how she felt about 50 cents alleged comments about the show EMPIRE losing ratings because it was too gay. She responded by saying;

“Well, aint that the pot calling the kettle black…”.

Already, I knew this trending feud would happen, but for the sake of saying, and being a voice. This Gay shaming, caddy, petty and tearing down each other in the public eye HAS GOT TO STOP!! Of course 50 cent responds, who wouldn’t?! But the back and forth between Afrikan American women and men in the entertainment industry has to end, its just another reason for them…yes THEM to promote us as self hating nothingness.

My message to 50 and Vivica is that it was wrong for Vivica to say what she said, its only right 50 defends himself. It is wrong to Gay Shame and use that as a way to say someone is less than, but it’s also wrong to post what 50 cent posted. Two wrongs never made a right. They are both powerful people in entertainment and shouldn’t be going back and forth like this.

Many say Vivica is still hurt and hating, but who cares…let’s talk about what really needs to be said. STOP THE BASHING WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES there’s too much of it already visible for others to use as a way to further oppress and marginalize us….Vivica owes 50 an apology and once he get’s it he should then apologize as well…


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