[VIDEO] Mary J. Blige Tears Up Launching “Real Talk” Radio Show On Beats 1 | She’s The Voice Of The Survivors WATCH:


Take it from a living legend giving back is apart of life…

Mary J. Blige is a very busy woman these days. She is co-starring on the nations first ever live televised musical; “The Wiz Live”. She stars as the Wicked Witch of The West, but that’s not all she’s got going on. She also has “REAL TALK” a new radio show premiering on Beats 1!


Beats 1 writes; [Real Talk is] “as intimate and personal as Mary’s music, each episode of Real Talk is centered around a theme or topic that’s touched upon in the title of one of her songs. She and her guests will share their experiences — and the music that got them through it all — with Mary inviting her fans to participate as well..” WATCH TEASER:

Mary was spotted on Wendy today…and announced Demi Lovato would be the first guest appearing on the show. Mary states she wants the show to be that voice for the person who is depressed, or considering suicide, that voice that’ll make them stop, or get better, and I believe she can do it. It’s her way of giving back even more so then she already did…Mary has always been The Voice Of The Survivors


Can’t wait…

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