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Ms. Hummingbird is back with a brand new album…

Tweet, aka Ms. Hummingbird is back with that smooth R&B soul music we love so much. Recently Tweet had an exclusive private listening party in Atlanta [where was my invite tho…imma let you slide] and critics, fans and listeners were very welcoming. Tweet, aka Charlene Keys, which is her real name, named the album “Charlene” to give listeners an idea of who she was before the nick name Tweet. Listeners at the private event said the album sounds great! Egypt Sherrod even stated during the interview with Tweet at the listening party; ‘…I feel that this is your time…’.

According to ROLLINGOUT many of the same producers she worked with on her first CD will be used on the latest, including Missy Elliott, whom she still calls ‘her sister’. Even though Tweet has been away for a while, collecting herself, getting her spirituality back in order, and realizing that once the hit records weren’t pouring in, calls stopped, she is still able to give us that sweet sound like on her single; “It Wont Hurt Me”. When asked who she was interested in working with, Tweet expressed D’angelo is at the top of her list. Personally, I’d be all over that! Not even just a single, I’m such a fan i’d be into them doing a duo album! But that’s just wishful thinking, don’t take this excerpt out of context trolls…

You can purchase “Charlene” Jan. 22nd 2016 And Pre-Order it Today!! Click Photo:


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