[PHOTO] The World’s Second Largest Diamond Found In Afrika, Botswana LOOK:


In the hands of the skin colour and the people of the native land…

The Lucara Diamond Corporation, after mining, “discovered”, in Afrika’s country, Botswana, the ‘second-largest diamond in the world’. Afrika is known for it’s rare diamonds and wealth. Afrika is also known as the birth place of humanity. I often wonder what corporations want with diamonds if not to put it in a museum as another one of Afrika’s wonders…yea right. Even though Botswana is one of the fastest growing economically sound places in Afrika, it’s also one of the largest infected with HIV/AIDS.

You’d think with Botswana having diamonds the size of a fist that the folk who are digging up the dessert looking for what Botswana already owns, would use its findings to secure medical care and prevention…but maybe It’s just wishful thinking on my end. Sigh.


This 1,111 carat stone diamond could be worth 10s of millions of dollars. According to WALLSTREET JOURNAL; ‘…Given this stone is likely to be historically significant, the value could take on a life of its own and achieve significantly more—all flowing straight to Lucara’s bottom line,’ Mr. Swinfen said. ‘This is immensely good news for Lucara, perhaps the best week in the company’s history.’

Whelp it’s good to now Afrika is yet again forcefully supplying a bunch of white folk millions while using B.L.A.C.K hands to promote it’s ‘discovery’….

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