[VIDEO] Nov. 19th Is Now “Angie Martinez Day” Mayor Bill De Blasio Heart Warming DECLARATION:


This is major news for The Voice of New York…

On November 19th Angie Martinez, legendary Radio Host, and ex-rapper was honored and proclaimed by NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, as the first Latino, radio personality to have an entire day dedicated to her! That’s right, Angie Martinez Day in NYC is November 19th from now until forever! Talk about leaving behind something for your children…I want a day!! Ha! Check out the heart warming speech Bill gave Angie WATCH:

Hard work pays off. Through all of our advertises as people of colour and having to not only be the best in the room, but fight through racial injustices, class, creed, and culture, this is a super win for people of colour, women, and of course the ever special Latino community.


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