[VIDEO] Aunty Cece Winans Hittin’ The Quan For The Holidays | Adorable & Low Key Killing It WATCH:

Hit the Quan Aunty!!!!

Ha! Her nephew Juan Winans posted this video during the Winans Family Reunion VI, and family members got Cece out here hitting the quan! How adorable is she? It’s nothing like B.L.A.C.K folk gathering with their family for the holidays, sharing laughs and getting the older folks to get into these new waves…and Sista Cece aint shy either. She hitting these folk. Yes, she loves Jesus and Jesus loves laughter and joy, so for all you naysayers out there do me a favor, watch this video and if it don’t make you smile and fill you up with joy and laughter…see your local doctor…WATCH:

Aint no body hitting the quan like Cece…

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