[MUSIC] Willow Smith Releases Debut Album “Ardipithecus” A Surprise Drop A Must LISTEN:


Willow Smith is like no other. ..

She’s no longer whipping her hair, now-a-days Willow Smith, 15 years old is creating music so different from anything mainstream is used to, many are vibing to her in a different realm. The newest album released, without promotion, “Ardipithecus” is; ‘…the scientific name of the first hominid bones found on earth. ..[Willow] wanted to name [her] musical compilation after it because, while [she] was making these songs [she] was in such a transitional state. ..’, words by Willow herself. more here

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The single above is the first track off her very first full album. She released this record on Roc Nation and her core fans are seemingly excited and happy. Many are bashing the young talent for being “weird” “crazy” “too much”, but I say, Hey. ..if it makes you happy, sing chile…It’s what folk are calling “hippy music”. Many will do drugs to it, vibe out to it and feel like they are escaping into a distance realm of deepness, and others will enjoy the psychedelic sounds, it’s creative. ..

It’s different, but “same” is boring no?


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