[MUSIC] The HipHop The Legend Himself Timbaland “King Stays King” Mixtape Xmas Day LOOK:


Timbaland is taking no prisoners…


The hiphop legend, producer, and rapper Timbaland is set to release his mixtape “King Stays King” on Christmas day! Fans have been excited and selling out his “The Emperor Of Sound” memoir and impatiently waiting for their christmas gift from Timbo, his mixtape! Make sure you check back here on Christmas, we will update you on the stream. Tim previews never before heard music from Aaliyah will be on the mixtape and more look:


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The mixtape also includes the artist Tim discovered TiNK who’s on everybody’s watch list, and a slue of other features look:


All I know is, he is known for making most of the artist you love, great, so this mixtape is sure to revolutionize what’s to come. We got Janet back, Missy back and Timbo back in the same damn year…FIRE!!!


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